Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015

Hello all... I know its been awhile, but we have been on pause mode here in Oxnard, CA. Visiting with old and new friends and family! So we did do a run to Mexico (Tijuana and Rosarito Beach) last Wednesday (Dec 16) with Bobby & Ronnette Cortez who continue to tirelessly and generously give of their time, resources, finances and love! I am going to attempt to post pictures...We met with a wonderful couple in service to the Lord.. Pastors Leo & Gloria Nevarez and we were invited to help them on their weekly Wednesday afternoon ministering to homeless in Tijuana. We received donations of jackets and blankets (from wonderful friends here in CA) to pass out that day and then after Pastor Leo ministered, we were honored to help feed the people who showed up. What a blessing for us and the gratitude of the people there who have so little; it was awesome!! We HAVE to learn Spanish!!!!
On the way back, we spent the night with Harvey & Connie Brate, who live in San Diego now and Ernie attended Harvey's men's bible study early Thursday morning and met some more mighty men of God! We will be coming alongside of Harvey's church in helping refit a new home for the orphanage they work with in Tijuana. Keep this in your prayers that the closing of the home goes swiftly and smoothly.
Finally we stopped by Minney's in Costa Mesa (our favorite place for boat stuff) and got replacement rigging, a demonstration of splicing and other boat goodies! Missed seeing Sherry, wonderful sister in the Lord we met last month at Minney's when we trekked down south with Nancy before she jumped ship to return to better weather (just kidding!)...This time we ran into Jason & his lovely girlfriend there from the big sailboat we first met in Santa Barbara, Halcyon I think is her name..ugh memory not so good all the time...anyway, these kids are braving all kinds of things out there on the water.. keep them in your prayers for smoother sailing from here on out!
We have also met a great young couple aboard their sailboat, Shameless, that would be Ron & Bridgett from northern CA who are probably spending Christmas in Oxnard due to tranny issues...they got waylaid in Monterey, CA where we met them due to engine problems. Love their enthusiasm and spending time getting to know them! Its fun hearing sailing stories from them!
Next up will be December 26, we will be heading south again to Los Angeles to feed homeless there with Brother Gary & the Servants of the Father of Mercy. I just love this retirement thing!!
This is the schedule to feed the homeless in Tijuana, Mexico at the place we went.
Cindy with Pastor's wife, Gloria to my right and two of the church ladies who volunteer on Wednesdays to feed homeless in Tijuana.
Ernie & Cindy in Rosarito Beach, Mexico.
Liberator II in our old slip in Channel Islands Harbor, CA

Minney's in Costa Mesa, CA
Nancy, Ernie & Sherry (sister in the Lord, from Minney's)

Harvey & Connie Brate in San Diego, CA.
Pastor Leo Nevarez, Ronnette & Bobby Cortez and Ernie in front of Pastor Leo's church in Rosarito Beach, Mexico.


  1. Hi Cindy, Glad things are going well! Juce says Merry Christmas and so do I!

  2. Let me know if you still need some radio help, you should also listen to 14.300 for the Maritime Service Net -- also many other frequencies -- Ben KK6FUT