Friday, May 20, 2016

May 20, 2016

Hi all...well, I know its been awhile since I posted...alot has been going on. We were in San Diego the full 3 months to avail ourselves of free cruisers anchorage! Had a few visitors from north of San more acclimated to life on the hook...made weekly trips to Mexico. Ernie is doing maintenance mechanical work on lots of orphanage & church vehicles. We have met several awesome cruisers along the way. Carol & Craig (windcutter), Neal, Tally, & Jan (raven), Marshall (tenacity), Jim (bruyere), Jim (double angel) name a few. We have now also made the move south to Ensenada Mexico...leaving behind lots of San Diego sailors/friends...Vanessa, Norbert, Lester, Justin, Jason, Ed the rigger & Ed from the wall...Getting to know lots of folks here at Cruiseport marina...they have a cruisers website & vhf net. Very helpful! Once we get our bearings, will resume ministry work...orphanage new home sale is still pending, so we can't start work on remodel til all the legal stuff is done, but always vehicle work and homeless ministry work to do!.. We are a bit dismayed that we had to rent a slip here cuz we can't anchor in the bay here...and there are lots of $$ fees when you exchange $$ and unexpected boat/old car expenses/printer replacement/cell phone replacement/vessel documentation name change fees (who knew ernie & cindy weren't our legal names!!?).. But we are still learning alot! We have come to the conclusion that when we use up all our $$...if God doesn't need us to continue this mission trip by providing more resources...we will know its time to go home...wherever that will be!! We are planning to reroute trip at this point to only go as far south as Puerta Vallarta...then do pacific puddle jump from there! Keep us in your prayers!


  1. Wonderful to finally get an update. Will have to check a map to see exactly where Puerta Vallarta is located and then attempt do figure out what "Pacific puddle jump" means, but the "keeping you all in my / our prayers" that I / we Can do!!! Always!!! Surprised you did not know Cindy was a "nickname" since both your birth certificates have "Cynthia" (Like mine is legally "Sandra" but "Sandy" is the nickname for it.) Wouldn't your Nursing License be in "Cynthia" too? It is what your voter registration forms have, too. Sorry for all your trouble with paper work. Love & Hugs, Mom

  2. Safe journey. God's protection and continued prayers for comfort, peace, provision, and guidance. Your friend Evie