Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 21, 2016...continues

So, we do want to share a scary incident that happened one week after we got to Ensenada. As most of you know, we bought an awesome old beater car (La Bamba, 1995 Buick Regal) for transportation to and from Mexico when we were still in San Diego. Well, the second Sunday we were driving home from church and fellowship with Pastor Leo & Gloria on the libre (free) back mountain road to Ensenada and when coming around a blind hairpin curve/turn in the road, La Bamba was hit on the driver's side by a riderless Harley Davidson motorcycle. Really! Turns out, Raul & his amor dumped the bike on a curve, fell off and the bike righted itself to continue on and hit us...God is in charge as always and He worked everything for good. No major injuries to anyone. No one went to jail... we just saw the movie "Get the Gringo".. Whew! Raul honorably paid for car repairs and we made two more friends here in Mexico!
Ernie always lookin for another buggy! This is the best vehicle for here, for sure! But don't tell La Bamba! No worry, its way not in our budget!!

Finally, this work begins on the nueva casa para huerfanos (the new home for Casa Hogar, Ninos de Fe orphanage in Baja Malibu), working with Coastline Church of Carlsbad, CA. What a blessing to the children, caretakers (Victor & Gabi) & community Coastline Church has been and is being--really unbelievable!
We have also met a lot of wonderful & welcoming cruisers and office personnel here in Cruiseport Marina in Ensenada. All of our documentation paperwork is now in order and we feel so much more secure here!! We have been making time for Mexican Train dominoes once a week. Also blessed to have la leccion en Espaniol cada miercoles (Spanish lessons every Weds) right here in the marina, Gracias, Senora Alejandra!!

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  1. Hi Cindy and Ernie. Hurry up and get down here! We'd love to spend some time with you guys before we start heading South again. In all seriousness, don't come too soon. The Pacific basin is VERY active right now.

    We're going to be in the San Diego area August 3-8th...if you happen to be making a supply run...

    Keep on blogging. We love reading about the Liberator Mission!