Saturday, November 14, 2015

Newcomers to blogspot..our website

Hi there, just wanted to let any newcomers know about our old website that we still have until Spring of 2016.
Check out:
This will give you some background on who we are and what we are doing!
Plan as of today...
We leave Santa Barbara Harbor on Weds the 18th; we will go south to Oxnard and be berthed in our old slip (unbelievable, huh?).. at PYA (Peninsula Yacht Anchorage) for a month, waiting on Steve and Antonia to get here!
Meanwhile I am trying to learn more about this blogging.. want to learn how to add pics and a link to our location for while we are gone so you all can follow along where we are!
Also busy cleaning boat, visiting family and friends, figuring out this "retirement lifestyle" Gonna start working on Spanish soon, planning our next few stops after first two orphanages..


  1. Hurrah! Thanks for the Photos! More from Santa Barbara, Please!!! And what about the other two cats?

  2. I remember sailing with John. It is beautiful when you can use only sails and watch the sun kiss the earth goodnight. The quietness and serenity of sailing on the ocean is tugging at my heart when I read about your adventures. Thank you for sharing. It makes me happy and it makes me sad because of memories. Crisis' only enhance the experience. And I remember both the good and the scary.

  3. Your old slip, that you left, to come to Everett? Yes, lots to learn about blogging, location links, pics and video too. Even portals for people to donate, one click and it's PayPal time. Check out S/V Delos. They left out of Seattle about 5, maybe 8 years ago. I'm not sure. Thanks for updates.