Friday, November 6, 2015

November 6, 2015

Hi all... well.. we had a wonderful visit in San Francisco... did a touristy tour on the double decker bus, walked across the Golden Gate and had great Chinese food (Ernie & the crew that is, no.. I haven't changed!).. Then on our last night there, we had a great visit with Kit, Naomi & Yvonne (good friends of Dr. Nick...from PES!).. we were desperately in search of some help with our SSB Radio... its all installed, but we couldn't make heads or tails of how to use it... waiting on "elmer" contacts from the local Ham radio club..when Dr. Nick gave me Kit's contact info...and guess what..! another "God Shot" as Jeff would say... Kit has the SAME exact SSB radio on his boat!! No way, right? Wow! So we got lessons, ideas, and a great time of fellowship with them.. heard of his adventures of sailing to Hawaii three times already! and lots of San Francisco sailing stories too... so fun!
So then we left early Thursday morning, bound for Monterey... went out at the right time even! Ernie was able to deposit the ashes of his dad and John under the Golden Gate (for more details... you just gotta ask him....and that's all I'm gonna say on that)..then around noon, Ernie caught his first fish in 30 years! He snagged a tuna, the second catch of the day.. the first one that made it on board! Guess we will be grilling it tonight, when we get back from the new James Bond movie we just gotta go see this afternoon...
Plan is to leave outta here by 9ish tomorrow, bound for Santa Barbara... the next leg of the trip. Jeff will be heading back to Everett soon.. we are gonna keep Nancy as long as Morgan (her adult daughter in Everett) will keep indulging us..


  1. Glad all is well! Great stories, can't wait to read more! :) God Bless <3

    Annalise Pasillas

  2. Yes, we All want you to be sure and keep these up! Guess I was Not successful in explaining to Barbara how to publish her comments on here. Sigh. Glad I picked Librarian & not Teacher! Well, you Know I will be Happy to hear about it, when you get to My Favorite Place!!! I like it here, now, so don't get me wrong, I just still have a 'soft place' in my heart for Santa Barbara; county in general. Just was much too expensive to live there; especially since I never landed a job in a Library close by, or anywhere in CA for that matter! (NJ was It for That career.) Love & hugs, to all! Mom

  3. Congrats on your tuna catch Ernie. I'm sure you will be doing lots of fishing, and fisher of men too.