Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Some pics CA February 2016


Cap'n Ernie with San Diego cityline in background.
 Here we are in Marina Del Rey... I think!
 Chart pic of Shelter Island, San Diego, CA

See if you can spot the dolphin...coming down the coast of CA
Here is Ernie with Brother Gary in Oxnard, CA..Servants of the Father of Mercy.."This Bible Talks"
 Pastor Dan & Shelly from Calvary Chapel in Ojai, CA
Coastline Church in San Diego, CA..Harvey's church we are working on first orphanage with!

This is Ben, our Ham Radio "Elmer" in Oxnard, CA..he came aboard and helped us figure out the SSB...yay!! Thank you so much for all your time and patience, Ben and his son Jonathan.

Pastors Dan & Ernie on Liberator II

Our awesome friends Ronnette & Bobby... thank you for all of your guidance, love and support!!

Another awesome couple, Diann & Royal.. our Ojai connection!

Pat & Cap'n Ernie, leaving Oxnard, CA for parts south!!

Marina Del Rey guest dock February 2016

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  1. Loving All the photos! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! Love you guys!