Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 19, 2016

Hello all! Wow, time flies... we are still in San Diego, CA, awaiting crew, Steve and Antonia (hurry up already! geez!!) But we are making good use of our time. We got a beater La Bamba car for the Mexico and Carlsbad commute.
We have been going to Mexico to serve the homeless in Tijuana with Pastor Leo & his lovely wife Gloria. Gloria and I are teaching each other our native languages! She is better at English than I am at Spanish, but its cool trying to communicate! We took sleeping bags from Valley Iranian Christian Church donations (Connie & Saied took us to their wonderful church in Chattsworth where we met Pastor Johnson & Klara and their awesome congregation!!)
Ernie loading up sleeping bags from big boat to raft to take to Mexico!!
Pastor Johnson and his wife Klara at Valley Iranian Church in Chattsworth, CA.
Members of Valley Iranian Church after Thursday night Bible Study. They blessed our mission with bedding, sleeping bags and love gift for Mexico!!

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