Sunday, November 13, 2016

November already (Are you kidding me??)

Hi all...absolutely unbelievable that it IS mid November...well.. alot has transpired. I write this entry from the Extended Stay Hotel in Tigard,, we reviewed our finances the end of September and realized that we had spent our entire 2 year budget plus.. in the one year we have been gone from Everett, WA..but we know, God's in charge, not us! So, rolling up our sleeves, we are back to work. Ernie has been commuting to CA from Ensenada to do paying mechanic work. All I can do for $ is be a nurse..and the only RN license I have current is Oregon. So I am on a travel nurse assignment in Oregon. Will be here till January 9, 2017. I have reinstated my CA RN license, so am praying for next assignment in southern CA!! Ernie is still commuting back and forth to keep cats fed & watered & boat afloat in the marina in Ensenada. We have awesome neighbors who are helping us immensely! Thank you, thank you..Angie & Ralph (SV Nanner Moon, Marshall (SV Tenacity), Jan & Chuck (SV Windwatcher) and those who have sailed away..Jules & Jeff (SV El Gato).
Meanwhile, orphanage maintenance & mechanic projects continue in Tijuana & Rosarito. And Ernie has an awesome God opportunity to drive & codrive (navigate) in the Baja 1000 2016. A special thank you to Art & Ruth of MOOCH racing for believing in Ernie & welcoming him into their fold! Any of you who know Ernie at all, know that he is a total gearhead and desert rat! He is having such an experience. He says he is using all the skills he has to do this! And its just pre running right now. Please, please all of you, keep him in your prayers, for his and all others involved (spectators and participants at all levels) for their safety and enjoyment, no hurt, harm or danger to come to ANY of them, in Jesus' mighty name! Amen.
And my laptop hard drive died...hope I got all my pics & docs saved, but I am on a loaner from my mom (thanks, mom!) I have no idea how to send any pics...sorry.. will promise next post will have pics! ok?
Thank you all for your continued prayers, kind thoughts and gifts of support & encouragement. Love you guys!!

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  1. Love you both too - you have our prayers. Not hard to spend it all -- I am back to work three days a week - the plus side is I get grama time too.