Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 23, 2017 OMG!

Hola all amigos!! I absolutely cannot believe it is already almost the end of April 2017.. so, the update is I am still back working as a traveling nurse, now in Escondido, CA, which is north San Diego County. Ernie comes up from Mexico every other week or so to visit! yay! It was toooo hard being in Oregon without him....
Anyway..Ernie continues mission work in Ensenada, Rosarito and Tijuana. The Ninos de Fey Coastline orphanage project is pretty much done (our part) and we sure have been blessed to be a part of that! The latest work is shoring up the driveway down into Pastor Leo's church in Rosarito. YWAM volunteers are helping get the creek bed border wall complete and the asphalt pouring for the steep driveway should be done this week while Ernie digs out the framework for the staircase he is planning for pedestrians to walk down safely. God put the finances together as usual, more blessing and testimony to the neighborhood!
Ernie gets to go with Pastor Leo & Gloria to minister up in the hills east of Rosarito on Saturday mornings. And he is faithfully ministering to one boater at a time in the marina in Ensenada!
One more project he hopes to complete before leaving Mexico is moderating at a presentation to local pastors (and others) of the Truth Project (a video series on apologetics that Ernie was a part of moderating at Calvary Chapel of Ojai at the end of 2016.
And of course, there is the Baja 500 coming up the first week of June with MOOCH (Mount of Olives Children's Home) racing team that Ernie will be driving in and helping with building and outfitting a mechanic garage for the kids to learn how to work on vehicles there at the orphanage. Art & Ruth Penner from Canada are the owners of the car and are another couple doing God's work in Baja.
The next plan is shaping up for us to be reunited in Oregon, probably in August this year... Ernie and some friends will be bringing boat up north in July or August to Oregon coast. We have made the financial decision to return to work in the states (together) for at least one or two years to rebuild our finances before we go any further south or..?
So, our mission is not over, just a detour of sorts... next stop, probably Newport, Oregon as there are more RN job opportunities for me. I am praying that Ernie will complete his Marine Surveyor requirements finally and this will be a career he can work internationally, so the next time we head out, this will help finances also!
We are asking for prayer for guidance and swift restoration of finances... as we dream of next direction Liberator II will go from Oregon, maybe west... only God knows for sure!
But in the meantime, please know that we love and appreciate all of the brothers and sisters we have met along the way this far on the journey/mission. We have met Pastor Joe and Caroline and the El Cajon families and have been blessed to have been able to connect and get fed sound doctrine! Unbelievable how refreshing that is!!And Pastor Gary Glenney in Portland, Oregon. And these guys are online, so we can listen anytime we want to!  And I have been blessed to be able to stay with family in Escondido, getting to know and love my nephews (Ryder & Riley) who I would never have had the chance to get this close to had we not come this way! Ernie has connected with several old and new friends along the way and I have no regrets that we set out when we did. We wish to thank all of you who have prayerfully and financially blessed us along the way. Also want to remind people that we still would love to have visitors, even in Oregon. Who knows what God has up His sleeve for us to do there!!?? I will update every few months on here, so you don't forget us, ok?
By the way, some awesome fellow Christian sailors, Jim & Carolyn just arrived to Fatu Hiva, the southernmost island of the Marquesas!!! How cool is that? Way to go! Just love hearing about God's kids getting to follow their dreams like that (we met them in San Diego and reconnected in Ensenada). So happy for them.
Ernie and I want to encourage all of you reading this that no matter if your dream is to sail the Pacific or write a book or build your home and family in one place or whatever... please do it and remember God. We know that this life on earth is but a vapor so our prayer is that you enjoy all God gave us and spread His name and what He did on the cross so that if one chooses the free gift of salvation, we know we will meet again on the other side!
That's all for now!
Love ya,
Ernie & Cindy
Liberator II


  1. Hi guys, good to 'hear' from you. Have a safe trip back home!

  2. So glad to hear from you and the direction He is leading many turns in the road, and it is wonderful to hear your travels are fulfilling. Miss you both -- hugs and blessings Pam and Mike

  3. So glad to hear from you and the direction He is leading many turns in the road, and it is wonderful to hear your travels are fulfilling. Miss you both -- hugs and blessings Pam and Mike

  4. Just typed a long paragraph but it went away; sigh. Read last post where you promised to include photos this time--everyone enjoys photos. So happy you got to spend time with Ryder and Riley! So valuable for them to get to know some of this side of the family! God Bless you, all. Love & hugs, Mom

  5. Just saying hi and God bless all of you! Thanks for posting so we can feel like we are keeping in touch. RE: Nurse jobs here in SO CA: I know a nurse who works for Livingston Care Givers (Hospice department) here and she gets $60 an hr to check in on people once a week for 1/2 an hr to see how they are doing, vitals, call in meds etc... Perhaps you could do that here? It would be great having you two back in the Ventura area again. Here is a link to them (if links work here):

    We love and miss you guys and keep you in our prayers!
    God bless everyone :-)

    Mark, Danielle and little (BIG 12 yr old) Juliana